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How did you get started in the building industry?

Remodeling with my father in childhood years, cabinet making and home building classes in high school, doing construction my entire adult life. Starting my own company at the age of 20.

What do you offer that is unique in home building and why would selecting your company be beneficial to a home owner?

We work hand in hand with several of the best and most well known builders and developers in the area and in the builders association. While we do everything from design conceptualization to the final details of finish work... we also do lots of subcontract work for major players in the area. Working behind the scenes on at least one parade home every year for well over 10 year. We did framing work on two of the homes this year, in addition to offering our first start to finish parade for the public to see. Working with these other fantastic builders allows us to see and participate in some of the best new homes and building practices available in our area.

Who has been the biggest influence in your professional career and why?

My beautiful wife, hands down no question. She’s always been very encouraging and supportive, pushing me to be the best person and builder I can be. Willing to struggle through the long hours we work and support our family while I’m building other people’s dreams. Working behind the scenes to do the thankless stuff that no one else sees. She’s amazing, and I couldn’t do it without her!

Why are you a Wausau Area Builders Assoc. Member?

I’m a member to help support the industry that provides me with a living, and puts me in a position to help people achieve their dream homes. Building a home is most people’s biggest investments, and where they spend the majority of their lives outside of work. We strive to make sure they have what they want, and are able to enjoy every moment in their sanctuary from the outside world.

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